Introduction to 1830 Census

The first United States Federal Government census was done in 1790. Every ten years since then they have completed another census. From the 1790 to the 1840 census they only listed the heads of households. They did show by numbers all living in the home. Since 1850 they have done a complete every name census.

All the census can be found on microfilm in various libraries. All except the 1830 census can be found online through Heritage Quest. For this reason we have endeavored to copy the 1830 census for Washington Township for our website..

The microfilm copies are not the best and some of the names are very hard to read. We apologize for any mistakes however in some cases we could not make out what the census taker wrote.

The original 1830 census had columns for slaves, free blacks, and people that were deaf, dumb or blind. As there were no figures in those columns we did not include those columns.

1830 Washington Twp Census (This is a PDF file and requires the Adobe Reader.)

The reader can be downloaded here: