The Beechwood or Beech School as it has also been called was in School District #2. The school was originally located on the northwest corner of Beechwood Avenue and Beech Road. In the very early years of the township log cabins would have housed the school. Later a one room frame building was built. .

The frame building was moved across the street to the northeast corner and placed behind the two room brick school that had been built. The precise year the school was moved is unknown. The lower grades would meet in the frame building whereas the remaining grades would be divided into the two rooms in the brick building. The wall between the two rooms could be rolled up to make one big room.

The school was closed in 1950 when the new consolidated Washington Township Elementary School was opened. The building was sold at auction along with the other closed one and two room schools in the township. It sat empty for a while and then was sold to the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. The frame building was moved over to the edge of the property and the church used it as a parsonage.

The brick building was torn down when the new church was constructed.