Fairmount School District #1

Washington Township

Stark County, OH

Fairmount is located on the corner of Rt. #183 and Bayton Street. At the time the building was used as a school the streets had the number and name of Rt. #80 and Buck Road. The original school was located across the street and could possibly have been the cabin of Ezekiel Marsh.

In 1882 the Board of Education bought the land where the present building is sitting from a David Scott for the sum of $26.00. As the picture shows there was another building to the rear. This wood structure could be reached from the brick building. It depended on how many students were in attendance as to what grades were housed in the back portion. When all the public schools closed for the Christmas break in December of 1949 the children were not to return. In January, 1950, the students left behind the outside water pump, the outside toilets and the camaraderie of all being together as they attended the new consolidated school.

The school building was sold at auction in February, 1950, to a private individual for $3,300.00. In later years it became the home of the Fairmount Emmanuel Church. The church still occupies the building.