Fox School

Washington Township

Stark County, OH

Fox School was located on Fox Avenue, ¼ mile south of St. Rt. #153.

Fox School was like most of the township schools, a one room brick. The township’s public schools closed in December of 1949 for their Christmas break. When the children went back to school in January they left behind the memories, the outside water pump, the outside toilets and the camaraderie of all eight grades being in one room as they now were going to attend the new consolidated school.

Fox School was sold along with the other public schools at auction in February of 1950. It was sold to a private individual for $2,500. The building was used as a private residence for years until it was sold again. This time the school building did not house children, it housed herbs, plants, etc. as the old school became the foundation for the Lily of the Valley Herb Farm.