Grange Hill School was located on Union Avenue south of Alliance. The building still stands on the corner of Union Ave. and Salem Church Road. On October 17, 1853, the township school board recommended that McGuffey’s Electic books be used. The school month consisted on 24 days. William P. Bryan, William Hurst and Henry Stahl were elected directors on April 9, 1855. The school enrollment in 1868 was 78 students.

The first Grange Hill School building was a frame structure located just north of the present school. This building was moved north across the road in 1867. It had been used later as a Grange building for

many years. Afterwards it was moved again on the Lee Wallace Farm.

Adam Lozer was a liberal man always ready to help in a good cause in order to have a school in the community. Mr. Lozer donated the ground and in 1876-1877 the present brick school was erected.

The school had been formerly known as the Bryan School, getting its name from William P. Bryan.

In 1906 it was changed to Grange Hill School

It was here at the Grange Hill School that Levi Glass organized the first Washington Township Teacher’s Institute in 1890. Levi walked daily from his home in New Franklin a distance of four miles during his first term of teaching.

Grange Hill School was closed in 1950 with all the other township schools. It was sold at auction and turned into a private home.