The Maximo School built in 1875 was located on the corner of the present day Lawford Street and Oakhill Avenue in Maximo. The school was two rooms and in later years the porch was closed in A picture of just the school without people has not been found.

Every year in the spring before school was out a picnic for all the township schools was held at the Maximo School. A terrible tragedy occurred in 1919 when the school teacher was struck by lightening while ringing the school bell. She passed away and another teacher was injured.

The school was closed in 1950 with the building of the new consolidated township school. It was sold at auction and used for storage for a number of years. It was demolished in the 1960ís and the site is currently owned by the Maximo Zion Church located next to it. The church has built a picnic pavilion on the lot and use the rest as their parking lot.