Washington Township Historical Society

Newsletter #2 September, 2005

The Washington Twp. Historical Society of Stark County, Inc., will resume their monthly meeting on September 26, 2005, at 7:00 pm at the township fire department.

There are some interesting topics already lined up for the coming year. They are:

September 26, 2005 Botanical Gardens located on Beech St.

October 25, 2005 Nature Center on Daniel St.

November 22, 2005 4 Chaplains who gave up their life preservers during WWII

December, 2005 No meeting

January 2006 Auctions and auctioneers & antique appraisals

February 2006 History of accordions, twp. accordion band of long ago

March 2006 Delivering milk door to door and also local bands

April 2006 Researching your property through deeds

May 2006 Local cemeteries

June Annual picnic

As you can see we have some very interesting topics and very different things to learn about each month. At the last executive meeting it was decided not to have a meeting in December as it always falls very close to Christmas and attendance is low. We hope you mark your calendar now and plan on attending the meetings and support the individual who is giving the program.

Message from the treasurer

Itís time for dues paying. A yearly membership is $10.00 for individuals, $20.00 for families. The membership period runs from September 1, 2005 through August 31, 2006. You can pay Dan at the September meeting.


Our historical society has taken on the project of gathering information on the barns in the township. We have started taking pictures so donít be surprised if you see some of us with our camera in hand. There are 200 still standing barns (hard to believe, isnít it?) and 60 barns already torn down that we know about.

If you have any information on any barn that would be helpful to the society, please contact the township office at 330-821-9834.

Marleen Grant

Stark Electric Railroad Traveling Exhibit

Our time is coming and it is hard to believe. This project started over a year ago and has already been in Salem, Sebring, Madge Youtz Library, Louisville and getting ready to move to Beloit. The exhibit will be in our township next spring. We will have programs possibly in April and May. The actual exhibit will be at the school for several days for the students the first week of May. Then on the first Saturday it will be open to the public during the Ruritans pancake breakfast.

We will need help, not only in setting up the display but also when the exhibit is open. On Saturday we will need people at the entrance to the stage for helping people up the steps, answering questions, and even just keeping track of how many people go through the exhibit. None of it is hard at all and everyone who comes to our meetings is capable of helping. We will appreciate all volunteers.

Jesseís Thoughts

When I think back at the last two years in our little society there are some great points that stand out to me. The two most shining are the programs put on by our own members; the farmers in our community and their wives. Both of these programs educated some individuals while invoking memories for others. We all took something away from these programs. I personally took away the recipe for Mrs. Ruth Ann Bruggerís Brown Sugar Cookies. I want to share it with you.

  1. cups Brown Sugar, 2/3 cup Lard, 2/3 cup milk, 2 eggs, 2 tsp. vanilla,1 tsp. baking powder,

1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. nutmeg (optional) and flour to form a soft dough

Mix, roll, and cut out. Sprinkle with sugar and bake 350* for 12 minutes

Danís Muse

"Where do you live?" he asked. "The Freeburg section of Wash. Twp." I answered. "Whereís that?" he asked. "Freeburg or Wash. Twp?" I responded. "Both!" he said. You may think I am making this up, believe me it really happened.

The person I was talking to lives in a new allotment that was off Beech Street. The man has an Alliance zip code and phone number. His children attend Marlington Schools and he believes he lives in Alliance.

I can understand the confusion as I have a Paris zip code and an Alliance phone number. Others of you may have other combinations, Louisville phone number, Alliance zip or Paris phone, Louisville zip, Minerva zip, etc. You get the point.

In a real sense Wash. Twp. doesnít have an identity except for a fire company and an elementary school. While I admit this is one of my pet peeves I wonder what we can do to develop a greater awareness for the existence of our township so that its residents know where they live and visitors realize where in Ohio they are.


We have talked about making a calendar for a fundraiser in the past but never went ahead. Different picture ideas were mentioned and a new idea was mentioned that we think would be a good one. Pictures of what life used to be like in the township. We are asking all the members to go through their old pictures and if you come across an old picture that has a township location or people, bring it to the meeting. If we get enough pictures we can choose 12 to use. This project would have to be for the calendar year 2007 that seems along way off but we canít wait till the end of 2006 to start. So look at those pictures, reminisce while looking at them and bring them to the meetings.


The idea of a tour of the township was also discussed at the executive meeting. This tour would be a self-guided tour with a variety of places to stop. It could include places that are in existence now and also places that had something of interest at that sight but is no longer there. Individuals would be at each stop to give the information and in some instances show pictures of what used to be there. It could start or end up at the playground so that our room could be open for visiting. This was an idea that was kicked around, give it some thought and we will discuss it at a future meeting.


Recently in the Farm and Dairy there was an advertisement for an auction south of Youngstown. In the listing of items was the bank of 83 boxes from the Maximo Post Office. Obviously we had no place to put it and have no idea if we could have afforded it but it would have been nice to have a picture of it and find out where it was going. Not being able to find someone able to make the trip to Youngstown we will probably never know. This just shows that there are things of our township out there. If you ever see anything in an advertisement such as this please let the officers know. Maybe next time we can succeed.